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Franco-Prussian War

The Franco Prussian War was a military conflict which primarily took place between France and Prussia, 19th July 1870 to the 10th May 1871, with Prussia being aided by the North German Confederation, as well as numerous south German states. … Continue reading

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Cuba is a very interesting country. It is a communist state with a large amount of people living on very low wages, the average being just $3 a day. Despite this, there have been a number of benefits that Cuba … Continue reading

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The American Revolutionary War: The Story of Two Victors

During the American Revolutionary War, France and America fought Great Britain. After five years of fighting together, they had defeated Britain in America. But this military victory had very different results for the two countries. America gained many benefits from … Continue reading

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Vasily Zaitsev

Hero of the Soviet Union, Vasily Zaitsev, is the most famous sniper to make his name from the Battle of Stalingrad. With 225 confirmed kills and an estimated total of 400, none would have predicted this legendary feat when he … Continue reading

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