Should There Be A Greater Emphasis At School On The Sciences And Maths, Rather Than The Arts And Languages?

I do not think that there should be a greater emphasis on sciences and maths in schools than arts and languages because arts and languages provide excellent life skills. A prime example of this is art itself as it allows you to express your thoughts and has few boundaries so you can do what you want in whatever way you want. It can help young people express their emotions and allow them to think more deeply and creatively and all of this is backed up by evidence from the Education Fund of America. Arts subjects also give students an important break from the usual hard working, factual and intense lessons like the sciences and maths and gives them a chance to relax and be creative.

Languages are also extremely important in the world. They open many more university and college options as colleges and universities rightfully believe that everyone who goes to their institutions should know the grammar of a modern foreign language and the culture of another country. It also gives a wider range of job opportunities as many jobs these days involve travelling to other countries and communicating with people there. Companies and organisations prefer this as it means business is easier, quicker and often more successful as there are no difficulties.

Understanding another language allows students to go and explore other places and invest their minds in other cultures due to the large amount of cultural teaching in language classes as well as grammar. They can see beyond their own ways in their own country and it opens them out to different people in a fun and interesting way. This contributes to the fun and enjoyable parts of learning language and is probably one of the best aspects. It also gives you confidence when travelling to another country on holiday or business as you know that you can sort out any problems and get around easily.

The skills involved in languages are also very important in all aspects of life. They include listening, reading, writing, and speaking which all allow us to communicate in different ways and ways which are suited to us. Statistics from the CIA World Fact Book also show over 80% of the world’s population do not speak English and therefore people should not think that everyone speaks English which would often be people’s response to this question.

Research from The Association of Foreign Language Teachers in New York showed that primary school children who were exposed to languages highly outperformed students who did not learn a language. It also showed that countries where the arts and languages are compulsory to a high level have the best science and maths results, such as The Netherlands and Hungary.

Many students much prefer the arts especially as they are an enjoyable break from the usual daily routine of lessons. For some other students it is extremely important as if they do not enjoy maths and science or do not do well in them in exams, it is essential that they have something else which they can work on and try to excel in and be recognised for.

Overall I think it is vital for children and students to have a good education over a broad range of subjects but especially in the arts and languages as I have outlined in this essay.

Contributed by Tom Dunne

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