Should Scotland Become an Independent Country?

There are many reasons why Scotland should not become an independent country, and in this essay, I will explore these various views.

I agree with the fact that Scotland shouldn’t become an independent county. This is because Scotland would face financial problems. Firstly, the UK is the most successful economic and political union of modern times, and therefore Scotland is a recipient of the benefits that come with this status. Because of the UK’s economic success, change needs to be slow and careful. Secondly, giving Scotland control over how they tax and control welfare would impact all parts of the UK, as the amount of income the UK receives would change and therefore more cuts would be needed, though the costs of Scotland would be reduced. As a result of the cuts, reform for the UK parliament and undermine unity in parliament. Thirdly, on its own, Scotland would face bigger financial risks, as the security of the UK being behind Scotland would go away, and with that will go investor’s confidence, as it would mean Scotland turning to the Up for help in the event of a financial crisis would be next to nothing. Because of this, Scotland would probably rely on foreign bank and be in competition with its largest and closest neighbors. Ireland is evidence for this and what can happen in a financial crisis, where they fought against being part of the UK and now, as they face a crisis, are unable to ask for help from the country they turned away, and many Irishmen are moving to the UK for that exact reason.

A person that would disagree with me would be Alex Salmond. He believes that Scotland should become an independent country, because firstly, the UK fails to recognize Scotland’s unique needs, and that Scotland interests will always be second to the UK. Secondly, the UK is run by parties that Scotland rejected (namely the Conservatives) and therefore, what the UK decides for Scotland might not be favoured by the Scottish population. Thirdly, he believes that Scotland needs to take responsibility for the taxes it imposes as a result of its own spending, and therefore taxes could potentially be lower in Scotland as it doesn’t have to cover some of England’s spending. Lastly, there is no reason why Scotland cannot control its own destiny, become equal to England, and take its full place in the world. Scotland and England would remain firm friends via the EU, which Scotland would remain in. Also, Scotland would have the North Sea oil to turn to if financial circumstances turned on them.

However, this view is flawed because Scotland’s rulers chose their destiny via the Stuarts (James VI) and merging with England. Also, would Scotland be able to keep up all their promises before they go bankrupt. The oil is a finite resource so will not provide Scotland with the necessary funds. As they will be a small nation with no certain future they will have no bargaining power in the UN. Also, think of the benefits the United Kingdom has for Scotland: the BBC; the NHS; easier to visit; the businesses; the UK’s strong military; the allies; tuition fees? Scotland will be too busy setting up on its own to be able to afford to maintain these things and it’ll have to invest all of its remaining money on getting resources for its residents to survive on, setting up a new currency. It will be Ireland all over again, when Scots move to Britain to gain back these “luxuries”.

In conclusion, Scotland should not become independent, because of the risks to its economics and its residents.

Contributed by Jeffrey Chong

3 thoughts on “Should Scotland Become an Independent Country?

  1. Jeffrey, I do not know your age but I note this is listed under Junior Tiffinomics, so I maye guess you are under 16.

    I think you need to do some more research to confirm of perhaps modify some of your points. You talk as though there are hordes of Irish trying to come back to the UK. You mention the NHS forgetting that the NHS in Scotland is separate for the other NHS bodis that function.

    Also yor seem to forget that Scotland does already own 10% of all these other Assets eg, BBC, Armed Forces, Embassies it has no need for additional luxuries as you call them.

    PS the Monarch is also Queen of Canada, New Zealand, Australia – you get the picture, so does that mean that Scotland cannot also be an idependant country!

    • Stephen, the NHS, the BBC and the Armed forces are all BRITISH! If Scotland were to leave the union, they would have to relinquish their entitlement to these services. They can’t keep the BBC as that is the UK broadcaster, they can create an equivalent or use the BBC world service, but that isn’t the same. They wouldn’t be able to keep the NHS as they wouldn’t be able to afford it, being a country of only 15 million, and again it’s a BRITISH institution. And all the Scots in the Armed Forces would have to leave as well because they would no longer be ellegible to serve!

      and as for the Queen, she is already queen of the Scots, so that’s a stupid line of argument. Get your facts right mate.

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