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Kojo Amoasi – Science & Technology Editor

I am Kojo Amoasi, the new Science and Technology Editor for Tiffinomics. I study Mathematics and Further Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at A2 and aspire to go into computer science. Writing about science and technology is always something I have wanted to do. Learning and communicating about recent explorations conducted by scientists around the world as well as innovations in technology, especially from start-up areas such as Israel and Silicon Valley, has been a consistent passion for me. I have had past experience writing about technology on a personal WordPress blog but this will be my first foray as part of a team. There is rarely a week where I am not listening to science and technology podcasts, such as BBC Inside Science, 361 Podcast, Chemistry World Podcast or reading an article from the likes of The Verge and WIRED. Focusing more on science, a special area of interest is particle physics and of course, I am interested to read and discuss any news from the CERN Large Hadron Collider. Outside of science and technology, I often participate in cross country and I am an amateur macro photographer.

As Science and Technology Editor, I will be mainly focusing on how developments and controversial areas in science and technology interact with social science. Examples are education and scientific study (does the UK educational system prepare students for the real world of science?), or artificial intelligence and politics (should the government or industry decide rules around the development of AI?). Although I specialise in computing personally, there are many topical areas of both science and technology I aim to look at and discuss. There will be something that interests you, so keep checking the site or our social media feed to keep up to date.

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