Joseph Everest – Geography Editor

Geography is the study of the physical earth, its human inhabitants and the complex interrelationship between the two. This presents geographers with a truly global study area that contains a virtually immeasurable number of opportunities for exploration and investigation. The seemingly boundless nature of the subject fuels my desire to undertake a geography degree, which I hope to use as a gateway to a career in environmental research and analytical geography. This will allow me to delve into and help combat the diverse array of hazards that are threatening our planet and society.

Tiffinomics is a means through which my peers and I can discuss and comment on these issues and other geographical fields of particular interest to us. Please take time to browse through our articles which I hope you find informative and of interest.

Recent Articles:

The Issue of Perception.

Migration against Will.

Geography for Economists.

2015/16 Floods: What does this mean for the future of the UK?

The Paris Agreement, a landmark success or another lenient failure?

Tectonic Hazards and the Importance of the Economy

Impacts of the Rapid Increase In Smoking Prevalence In Africa

The Million Death Quake – Roger Musson

Does Plate Tectonic Theory Help our Understanding of the Distribution of Seismic and Volcanic Events?

Stop eating salmon!

The growing global health crisis

Recent flooding is just a taste of what is to come for the UK

‘Six Degrees’ by Mark Lynas – A review

Energy issues: Should Britain adopt fracking?

Book Review: Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond

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