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The De Beers Diamond Deceit

‘Diamonds are forever’, well at least that’s what the De Beers Diamond Corporation would like to make you believe. Whilst the diamond industry is often seen as one of the most profitable markets ($72 billion-a-year retail business worldwide) in our … Continue reading

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Moyes’ Sacking – Football or Financial?

February 2014, David Moyes, at the helm of Manchester United F.C. for almost 7 months now, had been finding it increasingly difficult to replicate the high standards set by his predecessor, the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson. High profile losses to … Continue reading

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Drugs, Economics and Fairness

Modern society has a drug problem and we are not quite sure who we can blame for it nor whether we can solve it. Pharmaceutical companies today thrive on the flaws of the patent system, created to protect innovation and … Continue reading

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Privacy as a Standard

The internet has advanced from simply being able to view webpages on a CRT monitor to the Internet of Things allowing for a healthier, safer and more fulfilling lifestyle. The internet has also changed how we perceive information and data, … Continue reading

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Why Globalisation Isn’t Perfect

Globalisation is the extent to which economic activity is able to transcend geography. In ancient times trade was limited to a neighbouring villages, then, with the invention of the wheel and the state, trade was able to happen across continents. … Continue reading

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‘Should the Government pay obese people to lose weight?’

The notion of obesity has been an underlying problem in Western society ever since the development of capitalism. Overweight, unhealthy individuals have become an icon of economic prosperity, but have brought about a barrage of problems; both for themselves and … Continue reading

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Prisons; an incomplete solution to an unsolvable problem

Prisons, a site for reformation and metamorphosis into an exemplary law-abiding citizen; or a haven for society’s underclass to idly loiter their remaining days disenchanted by society’s interpretation of the ever-changing notion of justice? Based on the Strain theory and … Continue reading

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Is Taxation a Crime?

Taxation is an integral ingredient of every commercial, corporate and personal transaction. Every facet of our capitalist-fuelled lives involves tax in some respect or form. It is the indispensable element of revenue for the government and it further paves the … Continue reading

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Tectonic Hazards and the Importance of the Economy

Both developing and developed countries experience and suffer from tectonic hazards however, their ability to mitigate and cope with these events differs greatly. Tectonic hazards frequently occur the world over but this does not always result in a risk. There … Continue reading

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Should we be worried about China’s economy slowing down?

China’s economy has slowed down to 6.9%, the lowest it has ever been since the 2008 financial crisis. Hit by the volatility in the stock market as well as weak economic data, the rate of 6.9% was slightly better than … Continue reading

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Sustainability and technology: A phone or the environment?

The people living on the Earth today, in general, have a technology addiction of widely varying degrees. All those that can afford one will have a phone, a laptop or desktop and in many cases more. The software and hardware … Continue reading

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Guatemala: A Rotten Apple

In 1944, a popular revolution in Guatemala overthrew the US-backed dictator, a vicious tyrant named Jorge Ubico. Out of the revolution came Guatemala’s first democratic election, won by Juan José Arévalo. The new leader, Arévalo, established a liberal, capitalist society, … Continue reading

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On Government Surveillance

Many of the arguments against mass government surveillance – the kind that GCHQ carries out – are deeply ideological. Those on the left see their comrades fighting for something and join in. There are, however, very good arguments in favour … Continue reading

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A History of Poverty in the UK

The way in which poverty is looked at, and dealt with, is a great factor in determining the shape and nature of the rest of society. It does not exist to the same extent as it has in the past, … Continue reading

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Why Automation Will Make Many of Us Poorer

You have surely noticed the self service checkouts in supermarkets, where there used to be five humans serving us we now have to make do with ten machines. While this might be the most apparent recent development with regards to … Continue reading

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