What is Tiffinomics?

Tiffinomics is an online social science journal which allows school students to express and expand their intelligence, passion and curiosity to a global audience. Tiffinomics provides a platform for students to critically write about current affairs and social science topics beyond the A Level syllabus. The journal is continuously updated, designed, organised and edited by Tiffin School students. You will find interviews with some of the UK’s top institutions, in-depth analysis on current issues, lecture and book reviews, extended essays and many other articles.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote a curious exploration of society which is accessible and comprehensible to all minds. We encourage all of you to write an insightful and critical analysis on social science issues of your interest. As a result, you will enhance your knowledge and application of your interest, reasoning ability and communication skills that will serve as invaluable qualities for university studies and successful careers.

How to get involved

If you want to be a writer for Tiffinomics, you will need to submit your work to the relevant editor and the editor-in-chief. They will review your work and and do final cross-checks before it is uploaded. Despite this, we do expect writers to check their articles for spelling and grammar errors prior to sending. We hope to post your article within a week of it being sent to us. For more information see our ‘Write for Tiffinomics’ page: http://tiffinomics.com/write-for-tiffinomics/

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